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What Is Outbound Marketing?

Headlines are the first entry point to attract anyone for clicking the ads or to go inside your article.

Is it possible to ignore the headlines of an article? No.

Because properly crafted headlines increase the ROI by 4 times from content than Ads

It’s really very impressive but what mix of inbound and outbound marketing helped Craft to arrive in a position where it is today?

Does the Craft’s ROI on content is very strong as compared to advertising?

Is this comparison make any sense?

Yeah, it makes sense because people generally consider inbound and outbound marketing as competitors to increase the ROI.

But on the other way around, if you see tactics of both the marketings differ and it’s convenient to view both as two different ballgames.

A new version of social media – Web 2.0 has changed the business practices to reach the target customers.

New terminologies of marketing are used to attract customers, those are Push and Pull marketing.

In traditional marketing’s where customers find you whenever they need you and the web-based marketing where you take the advantage of the social web to draw consumers in.

Let’s first understand!

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is a traditional method of marketing where a company initiates the conversation about a product or service and sends its message out to an audience.

Outbound marketing has been evolved and grown with the emergence of inbound marketing.

What’s the difference between Outbound and Inbound Marketing


Outbound MarketingInbound Marketing
Its market is driven or push marketingIts customer drove or pull marketing
Broadcast and print advertisingBlogging
Social media advertisingWeb-based marketing
Search engine advertisingSearch engine optimization
Email spamOpt-in email marketing
Media BuysContent marketing
Cold callingPaid search marketing

Marketing isn’t a zero-sum game

Spreading the word about its new product or service is marketing.

This is a very old term but still, it is the major problem pondered by professionals today.

Outbound is the traditional and the old marketing method which is highly regarded by many industry professionals.

Inbound marketing is more effective and efficient as it attracts customers by making your business easy to find through an internet search.

The ideal marketing strategy combines the strength and weakness of both the marketing into a cohesive message with a comprehensive reach.

Consider Inbound and Outbound as teammates – not competitors.

Outbound Marketing 2.0

Marketers do mistake by associating the outbound marketing tactics used today with the old ones, which is not correct.

Mix and match is a good technique but it does not work always.

Let’s consider Email marketing as an example.

Email marketing has been evolved in recent years

Earlier email marketing was used on large scale but now the technology has moved to that point where we can target a small group of people or individuals and tailor the content to their specific needs.

Famous professional marketer Tim M also agrees to the above concept of email marketing and changed his marketing method as per the new marketing platform.

There is “no one size fits all” message or solution for everyone.

So we need to focus and designed our email campaigns for the segmented target audience

The best part of the email marketing new platform is that it can be intelligently woven into the bigger marketing picture.

You can not only tailor the message to the individual but you can adapt as per individuals actions.

When you see your prospects visits a page but don’t buy the product.

Then you can send the reminder mail about the product which they were looking for or the follow-up email with the discount coupon. This increases the chances of a sale.

Select your Platform Cautiously

An array of tools are available now, which are easily affordable.

Take the call carefully whether to use the tool for single purpose platforms or to integrate it with a both inbound and outbound platform.

Take your time to look into all the options. I would suggest looking at the range of options. Don’t overlook the tools like these can be integrated into a company’s existing marketing platform with a new strategy.

Benefits of Outbound Marketing

The primary benefit is that consumers are familiar with it. Whether you publish ads on television or newspaper, customers are accustomed and they look for it. In case of direct mails which generate trash that consumers have to dispose of, familiarity is non-threatening.

Drawbacks of Outbound Marketing

More expensive and less effective (High cost, low yield)
Hard to track return on investment
Increasing blocking techniques


You have seen the purpose of marketing is to spread a word about its products or services

So based on the situation mix both inbound and outbound marketing to attract customers and develop your relationship with them.

Create compelling headlines. Optimize your website and blog for search engines. Create an original content suiting to your business and customers interest.

Engage more and more with your customers, ask them to opt into your email campaigns.

Use email marketing effectively to convert them into buyers

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