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Want To Know How To Make A Landing Page That Converts 100%

Perfect Landing Page that Converts 100 percent

How To Make A Landing Page That Converts?

 A good landing page is most important to increase your sales. However, most of the companies and affiliate marketers fail in building a good landing page that converts and increases their sales. In this article, We will discuss how to make a  landing page that converts and increases the sales of your product or service.

Below  Are The Top 7 Hacks to Build A  Perfect Landing Page For  Your Business

Engage Your Visitors:    The first step to making a good landing page that converts is to engage your visitors. Know about them. Understand their needs and requirements by quizzing them.  and display customized results based on the data submitted by them by asking them to submit email address and name to get customized reports.   And finally, ask them to buy your products or services which might help them in achieving their goals or requirements. People will not give their email addresses if you ask them as the first step but if you engage them with your website they will trust you more and there are more chances of providing their email address to you.

Using Exit Pop Up On Your Website:   All the people who visit your website will not buy your product or service. There is a very chance that a visitor buys your product or service by just visiting your website for the first time. So exit popups work very effectively when a visitor tries to exit your website use a  good convertible exit copy to collect their emails.  These emails leads can be used for email marketing, remarketing through google and facebook.

Use Geo-Location Data:  You should consider and target geolocations of your website visitors on your landing page. This will attract more people to opt-in for your product or services because your landing page shows products on the geolocation of the visitors this technique like definitely increase your sales.

Using Check Out Bump Pages: By using check out bump pages you can easily upsell the other products by offering a good deal on other products or services you offer. Here are the few tips below how to make a  good check out bump

  • Speed And Automation matters most
  • Products you offer on check out bumps should be less than 50 percent of the main product that the customer is buying
  • Try to explain about the benefits of the deal on check out bump page within a few sentences otherwise, it will not work properly
  • Products or deals you offer on checkout bumps should be largely discounted

This technique will increase your sales revenue by nearly 15 percent

Make It Hard For People To Buy:   When you are providing something free service or support to your customer make it hard for them. If they are in real need of your support they will be paying you for your premium service just to get the service they need.  For example, keyword research tool keywordtool.io is the best example to demonstrate this. They mention their tool as free however they on l reveal keyword ideas but not keyword search volumes they will ask you to upgrade for the pro to get keyword search volumes. This works very well for them first attract the customer and offering some free service and making them to pay for accessing complete services.

Copy Tweaks Effects Your Conversions:  In all the visitors who visit your website 80n percent of people read your headline and only 20 percent the inside text so Your headline of the ad copy in your landing page matters most when compared to inside text.

Following are the Hacks For Choosing A Perfect Headline  For Your Ad Copy:

  • Using Numbers and Negative Words In Your Headline can increase CTR effectively.
  • The Length of the headline should be under 65 characters
  • Make Your headline match with the inside content.
  • Using Of Odd Numbers in the headline can perform better than even numbers
  • Try To Make a 6 Word Headlines
  • Do not use the words which have multiple meanings
  • Include Strong or power words and also adjectives in your headline

Bring Fear In our Visitors:   You can convert our visitors to your customers also by making them fear and telling them what they will lose if they do not buy your products or service. For example, you are trying to sell an antivirus for the computer.  You can use negative words on your visitor by telling him your internet privacy is in danger or some malware is going to affect your PC. To avoid this you can try our anti-virus software which will protect your PC.  So bringing fear in visitors also can increase your product or service sales easily.

Asking  For  A Favour:   You can delight the visitors of your website by offering them a bonus saying that he is helping the people and you want their help to promote your products. You can ask them to share your product links to their friends or ask them to share in social media platforms otherwise asking them to write a blog post about our product or service in return you will offer them the free sample of your product. This technique helps you use your visitors to promote your product. Traffic of your website will be increased and this will also increase sales of your product or service.

Apart from the above techniques, you need to keep a few other basic points in mind when making a landing page for your business. They are discussed below:

  • Your text size should be good enough so that it can be read by your visitors properly.
  • You should add a call to action button in every section of our landing page
  • Make your landing page mobile in a friendly way because you can get a good number of sales from mobile users as well.
  • Generate curiosity with your ad copy in your visitors by using curious words
  • Answer all the objections about your product or service in the ad copy.

These are all the techniques to make a good landing page for your business.

A good google ads campaign requires a good landing page.

We hope now you understood very well about how to make a landing page that converts.

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