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How To Run A Successful Google Ads Campaign ?

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How To Run A Successful Google Ads Campaign?
Google Ads campaigns ( Formerly Google Adwords) can hurt you easily If you’ve already optimized your ad campaigns properly and still if it does not work as per your expectations. If you are trying to set up a Google Ads campaign for the first time So you do not know how to run a successful google ads campaign this is for you. We will share all the things and right procedure while setting up your first Google Ads campaign.
What Is Ad Relevancy & How to Optimize It Properly: Google gives you ad rank based upon the relevancy of your ad to the user who searches a query and how much you are bidding per click.

How To Run Successful Google Ads Campaigns

Below are the few things you have to keep in mind to optimize your Google Ad properly

  • You can get proper ad relevancy by getting below things right
  • Choosing proper keywords relevant to your ad
  • Choosing proper match type for those keywords
  • Proper grouping of keywords in the ad groups
  • A Good ad copy
  • Proper landing page
  • Proper copy of the website
  • Target right audience using location targeting and bid adjustments

Doing all these right on your very first campaign, without any other guidance is not that easy. But if you are convinced your self that you have done everything right, then the very next thing you have to do is make your bid adjustments properly.
proper bid adjustments do not mean to keep your bid very low that Google ignores you or not high that you run out of money but understand the competition and ad relevancy properly and make your bid adjustments according to that.
We have a process for getting fast results on a brand new campaign, but, do not copy complete steps without making proper context. Many Google Ads expert different things according to the campaigns they run. However, it needs to be true for your campaign

Below process works very well for the campaigns we run:
Lead Generations For Smaller Business
Results: The campaigns have between 2 000 to 20 000 impressions in a month
Type Of Ad Network: Search Network Only

Budget Allocation: Get a good budget to get proper results. We ask our clients for enough budget to get good results. We tell our client what budget we need for the first month and we will tell them that the budget from the second month will be less when compared to the first month
Double your daily budget. Google ads are based on daily ad budget not on a monthly budget. So spend your daily budget by dividing the first month’s budget by 30/4. We spent double daily budget for the first few days. We used to lower the daily budget or pause the campaign later so that we do not spend much money than allocated budget for the campaign by the client.

Tracking Conversions: Google Ads ( formerly Google Adwords) allows you to track how exactly each keyword and ad copy works and converts searchers or users into sales leads. However, you have to set it up to track the conversions. Otherwise, you cannot track conversions without proper setup

Enhanced CPC: This is one of Google’s automated bidding feature. Google ads try to get as many visits to your website as possible within the daily budget allocated. We don’t normally set up a maximum CPC bid at this stage unless actual CPC is more than the first day
We normally use these enhanced CPC bidding for a month or so or until we receive somewhere around 50 to 100 inquiries. That gives a good boost up so that we can compare our future optimizing efforts  So by using these techniques you can run your google ads campaign successfully. We hope now you got an idea about how to run a successful ads campaign.

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