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Best Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy For A Business That Works


Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy & Steps

Nowadays marketing is completely over these many years companies spent much money on acquiring new customers rather than better conversion rate optimization strategy. At a certain point of time companies understood that it is not a profitable way to do business. So companies now investing money on providing support to existing customers and making them upgrade the products or service. It increases the average revenue per customer easily

Is Spending Money On Acquiring New Customers Is Worthy?

There is something every marketer is missing we all know about  A/B testing. But they are not just focussing on optimizing the existing traffic.  Marketers should concentrate on converting existing visitors or traffic to customers rather than spending money on acquiring new customers. The main goal of a marketer or companies is not to get good traffic or visitors to their website. but they should convert visitors of their website to their customers.

How To Understand Your Website Visitors?

To convert your website visitors to customers you should know and understand what they are looking for in your website?. you should understand why are they leaving your website? and why they do not like your website. Ask these questions and make your service or products better rather than just doing A/B testing. You can adjust the price point of your product or service. Provide them better support before purchasing the product clear all their doubts. Focus more on conversions it is a cheaper and effective way to spend money on  conversion rate optimization strategies than acquiring new customers. Increase your conversion rate by understanding your customers better and providing them good service than you can spend money on acquiring new customers.

How  Rise In Ad Cost Will Not Effect Your Business?

By boosting your conversion you can perform better than your competitor with less money spent on marketing. So you should stop just focussing purely on customer acquisition.  You should spend more than 20 percent of your time in conversion optimization once you are able to get 10,000 plus visitors a month and you are able to generate 100 sales per month. With smaller limits and fewer sales initially, you might not able to run A/ B testing. But You can work on user testing and surveying your audience how you can make your product or service better. You can a records user activities their mouse movements and flows by using several tools like usertesting.com or crazyegg. So there are endless options and possibilities. So the only point we are trying to say does not just focus on new customers acquisition because if you do that your business will not work out due to the rising costs of advertisements and marketing. But if you concentrate properly on you can compete with your competitors easily even without worrying about rising advertisement and marketing costs.

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